Dhaka Shaheen Quiz Club :

The Beginning of the story

While textbook knowledge alone cannot bring real joy to knowledge-seeking students, they look for a platform where they can improve their knowledge base and reveal their latent talents. A group of enthusiastic youngsters from Dhaka Shaheen realized the emptiness of such a platform and the need to spread the joy of quizzing. Not only did they realize, but they also decided to go one step further and create a platform for knowledge practice at Shaheen College. The young team could not accept that there would be no quiz club in a reputed college. They rushed from one end to the other to establish a quiz club. Along with studies, they worked to create a quiz club. When one failure after another frustrated them, Our Former Principal Group Captain Shah Kawser Ahmed Choudhury, BSP, PSC .


Former Principal Group Captain Shah Kawser Ahmed Choudhury, BSP, PSC .

and a few teachers stood by the young people like light in a dark room. Whose love made the ladder of establishment and success of the smoother .

md. mizanur rahman

Muhammad Mizanur Rahman
Demonstrator of Engineering and Drawing Survey
Moderator of DSQC

md. shayful islam

MD. Shayful Islam
Lecturer of Logic.
Co-Moderator of DSQC.

md. shahadat hossain

Mohammad Shahadat Hossain
Lecturer of Bangla
Co-Moderator of DSQC

A Journey:

When a college student wants to take the limits of his knowledge beyond textbooks, he naturally realizes the importance of such a platform , which can help him to implement his wish. Again, it is known to all of us that quizzing is such an extraordinary co-curricular activity for knowing the outside world and increasing the knowledge capacity. Realizing the importance of this fact, Dhaka Shaheen Quiz Club has been formed for the students of BAF Shaheen College Dhaka, a reputed educational institution of the country. Since the inception of this club, it has been working tirelessly to develop the Dormant talent  of learning among the students.

The Dhaka Shaheen Quiz Club (DSQC) was finally established on May 7, 2018 with the motto 'Learn today and lead tomorrow' through the combined efforts of gurus and disciples. As a result of hard work, DSQC became known as a new club. Muhtasim Shahriar Anik (Founding President), Zarif Muhammad (Founding General Secretary), and our Advisor Siam Saif , were among the young team that played a major role in creating this platform specifically for enthusiastic students in the quiz. And let's get to know the identities of all the respected teachers who came and stood by the side of this group - Our Honorable Former Principal Group Captain Shah Kawser Ahmed Choudhury BSP, PSC, Mizanur Rahman sir,Md. Saiful Islam sir Md. Shahadat Hossain sir. There were also many talented students and respected teachers by the side of the club. With the hard work, effort and unity of the teachers and students, the Quiz Club is now rapidly advancing to the pinnacle of success.

Siam Saif

Siam Saif
Advisor, DSQC

Muhtashim Shahriar Anik

Muhtashim Shahriar Anik
Founding president of DSQC

Zarif Muhammad

Zarif Muhammad
Founding General Secretary of DSQC

Current activity

There is no end to knowing, and there is no end to the curiosity. And yet we all know that quizzing is a continuous process where a quizzer has to be in regular practice .This practice is not just to quiz, but also to enrich a person in the future life. With this importance, Dhaka Shaheen Quiz Club is working to improve the quality of its quizzers. The club continues to operate under an efficient executive panel and under the overall supervision of the college authorities.The current club panel consists of 13 members who make all the decisions and plans in the activities of the club. The current President of the panel is Junaid Al Hanif and the General Secretary is Mushfiq Plabon.

DSQC President Junaeid al Hanif

DSQC President Junaeid al Hanif

Mushfiq Plabon,General Secretary

Mushfiq Plabon,General Secretary

As well as an orderly and organized representative group works to implement all the work of the club. Thus the club has maintained its organizational progress. One thing we all know is that working on clubs is very helpful for a student's personal development . Keeping a view on this issue, Dhaka Shaheen Quiz Club is directly and indirectly playing a role in the personal development of the quizzers under it. Dhaka Shaheen Quiz Club is gaining success by participating in various quiz fests outside, on the one hand, and its quizzers are working on a wide range of quizzes among themselves. Each week the club organizes one or more different sessions of different types, the main purpose of which is to train its quizzers and provide advice on their personal development. The club has organized many quiz competitions on its own initiative since its inception. At the same time, they have demonstrated their skills in organizing quizzes on a large scale.